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JMIR | January, 2017

Robert J Smith MD; Patrick Crutchley BSE; H Andrew Schwartz PhD; Lyle Ungar PhD; Frances Shofer PhD; Kevin A Padrez MD; Raina M Merchant MD, MSHP

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JAMA | December, 2016

Raina M. Merchant, MD, MSHP; Kevin G. Volpp, MD, PhD; David A. Asch, MD, MBA

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American Journal of Public Health | December, 2016

Lauren SinnenbergBAAlison M. ButtenheimPhD, MBAKevin PadrezMDChristina ManchenoBALyle UngarPhD, and Raina M. MerchantMD, MSHP

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JAMA Cardiology | September, 2016

Lauren Sinnenberg, BA; Christie L. DiSilvestro, BA; Christina Mancheno, BA; Karl Dailey, BA; Christopher Tufts, MS; Alison M. Buttenheim, PhD, MBA; Fran Barg, PhD, MEd; Lyle Ungar, PhD; H. Schwartz, PhD; Dana Brown, BA; David A. Asch, MD, MBA; Raina M. Merchant, MD, MSHP

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Circulation | June, 2016

John S. Rumsfeld, MD, PhD, FAHA, Chair; Steven C. Brooks, MD, MHSc; Tom P. Aufderheide, MD, FAHA; Marion Leary, MPH, MSN, RN, FAHA; Steven M. Bradley, MD, MPH; Chileshe Nkonde-Price, MD, MS, MRCP; Lee H. Schwamm, MD, FAHA; Mariell Jessup, MD, FAHA; Jose Maria E. Ferrer, MD; Raina M. Merchant, MD, MSHP, FAHA, Vice Chair; on behalf of the American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee; Council on Cardiopulmonary, Critical Care, Perioperative and Resuscitation; Council on Quality of Care and Outcomes Research; Council on Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing; and Council on Epidemiology and Prevention

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Health Affairs | April, 2016

Benjamin L. Ranard, Rachel M. Werner, Tadas Antanavicius, H. Andrew Schwartz, Robert J. Smith, Zachary F. Meisel, David A. Asch, Lyle H. Ungar and Raina M. Merchant

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Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation | April, 2016

Charlene A. Wong, Gabrielle Ostapovich, Emily Kramer-Golinkoff, Heather Griffis, David Asch, Raina Merchant

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JAMA Oncology | March, 2016

Mina S. Sedrak, MD; Roger B. Cohen, MD; Raina M. Merchant, MD, MSHP; Marilyn M. Schapira, MD, MPH

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Scientific American Mind | February, 2016

Johannes Eichstaedt 

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Academic Medicine | December, 2015

Smith, Robert J.; Grande, David MD, MPA; Merchant, Raina M. MD, MSHP

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