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Giving New Doctors the Tools They Need

They say if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I wonder, then, why my toolbox often seems so inadequate for fixing my patients.

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This University Is Making its Students Wear Fitbits

Oral Roberts University has made it mandatory for all incoming students to wear Fitbits.The college has a fitness requirement as part of what it calls a “Whole Person Education.” Wearable technology is an update to its previous tracking method of recording activity in a fitness journal, according a...

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VR Live Streamed Surgery Brings You Straight to the Operating Room

LONDON — Now anyone can be fully immersed in the Royal London Hospital's operating theatre — without having to become a patient.

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An API for the Human Body

It can be trying, even grueling work. Surgeons learning a new medical procedure must shadow more experienced doctors for weeks or months at a time, practicing only when experts and operating rooms are readily available. Those challenges can be even greater in rural and underdeveloped corners of the...

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A Med School Teaches Science And Data Mining

Medicine, meet Big Data.  For generations, physicians have been trained in basic science and human anatomy to diagnose and treat the individual patient.  But now, massive stores of data about what works for which patients are literally changing the way medicine is practiced. “That’s how we make...

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Sep 8, 2015

Emily S


Tech Giants Team Up To Boost Accessibility

Some of the biggest names in technology are banding together with a new commitment designed to make their products more accessible for people with disabilities.  Companies including Facebook, Dropbox, Adobe, Yahoo and Microsoft are signing on to the new initiative dubbed “Teaching Accessibility.” ...

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